Shoreline Trotters
Donkey Hire
Friendly donkeys and professional staff to make a special experience
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Here at Shoreline Trotters we are a small family run group that try and cater to everyones needs. 
Our donkeys are available for both public and private hire for all sorts of events and are highly poular. They can be used for either petting and display, or for childrens rides and fundraising. 
Some of the activities our donkeys can attend include
  • Beach Rides from Colwyn Bay
  • Birthday party children's rides
  • Fundraisers
  • Public shows
  • School Fairs
  • Care Home/Hospice visits
  • Charity events
  • Easter/Christmas appearances
  • Petting displays
  • Weddings
We are also introducing birthday parties at the donkeys farm!
This will include
  • Fields for own set ups and bbq's
  • Donkey grooming 
  • Group ride
  • Barn if required in bad weather
  • All activities considered for own party
  • Hard standing parking
  • Party games on the donkeys!
We are also introducing own a donkey session for children. 
This will include
  • Supervised grooming and care activities
  • Learn how to muck out stables
  • Learn the points of a donkey and their tack
  • Tack up your own donkey
  • A small trek on your donkey
  • Small groups catered for
Prices start from 
  • £3 beach ride
  • £120 hour birthday party ride attendance at your location
  • £250 birthday party, 3 hour attendance at our farm
  • £30per child own a donkey, 2  hour session at our farm
Charity/School fairs/Fundraisers/Shows etc we are happy to arrange a return percentage of takings of the day rather then an upront fee.
Shoreline Trotters has full public liability insurance with a riding establishment licence on the Premesis.
Our donkeys maximum weight is 10 stone on the larger donkeys, 8 stone on the smaller donkeys. Our donkeys welfare is priority so we reserve the right to refuse rides to anyone who is over our weight limit, and to ANY persons deeming too rough or abusive to our animals or staff with no refund offered if so.